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Cost of Hearing Aids

Are hearing aids expensive?

They are not as expensive as they used to be, but they are not inexpensive. We offer basic and affordable models and payment starts at $50/month. We also offer the most advanced technology available. Some insurance plans cover basic models (dictated by them).  Medicare unfortunately does not cover anything. 

We noticed many of our patients need help paying for their hearing aids, and we observed that under the traditional hearing aid fit model, some patients were overpaying for services. Traditional Bundle pricing for hearing aids include  a 3 year service pack and a few other "free" things (that you are in fact paying for upfront). We are proud to be fully unbundled. This makes hearing aids much more affordable than they use to be, and patient's will only pay for services they need. In addition, We offer "same as cash/no interest" payment plans and long term payment plans. We also work with government agencies and charities. Just let us know if you need help. 

What does unbundle means?
What that means is that instead of you paying upfront for unnecessary visits, you pay as you go. You select what services you would like and what services are not necessary to you. This reduces the cost of hearing aids upfront, and makes hearing aids more affordable. With our  pricing transparency in anything we do, and you only pay for services that you actually use. 

So much much do hearing aids cost? Hearing Aid Technology Levels and Prices at our offices are on average:

Premium Technology $4000/pair - $4300/pair (rechargeable batteries)

Mid Level Technology $2600/pair - $3300/pair (rechargeable batteries)

Entry Level Technology $1000/pair - $2500/pair (rechargeable batteries)

Pricing will depend on exact model recommended to you at the time of your consultation. 

There are cheaper hearing aids than the ones listed above, that we don't recommend them. You are however welcomed to bring your own hearing aids and only use our services (fitting fees will apply). 


Communication Needs and Hearing Aid evaluation– $250
This appointment lasts approximately 1 hour, sometimes a bit longer depending on patient needs. Prior to your visit you will give us details on you hearing difficulties, lifestyle, and desired technology. Different testing will be completed and even a demonstration of the device offered. We'll recommend the best technology for you.

Tinnitus Evaluation– $350
This appointment lasts approximately 1.5 hour, sometimes a bit longer depending on patient needs. Prior to your visit you will give us details on you symptoms, hearing difficulties, lifestyle, and medical history. Different testing will be completed and a treatment plan when available will be offered. 

Tinnitus Evaluation/Telehealth– $250
This appointment lasts approximately 1 hour, and the only difference from the appointment above is you'll already arrive with a recent evaluation by a licensed audiologist. Please contact our office to request what testing is necessary to schedule this appointment. 

New Prescription Hearing Aid Dispensing/Programming/Orientation– $750 - includes  the communication Needs and assessment evaluation listed above. 
The first appointment lasts approximately 1.5 hour. We'll program your hearing aids to your best prescription. You'll leave the first appointment knowing how to adjust the hearing aids, clean, insert it, maintain it. You'll receive additional appointments as needed for up to 30 days included in this price. Typically, 2 other appointments are recommended, one 1-2 weeks after fitting and the other at 3 or 4 weeks after the fitting. 

Hearing Aid Check– $150 (new patients)

Your hearing aids will be inspected, tested, cleaned, parts replaced (if under warranty). Current patients receive a 50% discount on this visit if you are still under warranty. 

Minor or Major Hearing Aid Programming for current patients– $75
Whether your manufacturer erased the programming in your device, or you are just not happy with the way they sound. If you need your devices adjusted, just call us to schedule this.

Earmold Impression – $25/ear
Using silicone or a 3D scanner we'll mold your ear canal and send to a manufacturer to produce a customize ear piece for you.

Earmold– $75-110/ear (pricing will depend on exact model).

6 battery pack– $3 (about $0.50/batteries)
Sizes: 10 (yellow), 312 (brown), 13 (orange), 675 (blue). 

60 batteries pack– $30